From taking photographs at a young age using my mums 35mm Hilena camera, going on to take photography as one of my GCSE’s, it was then I had my own first camera, the Canon AE-1 Program. While always taking photographs and being an active member of a local photographic club for a number of years also taking on the roles of Competition Secretary and Chairman during my time at the club, my photography was limited due to my ‘day job’ that paid the bills.

In 1995 my job changed and the new 12 hour shift pattern I worked allowed me to do more photography one again. I was shooting weddings on Medium format Bronica ETRSi cameras from 1995 until early in 2002 when I switched to shooting digital weddings using the Fuji S1. I shot my final wedding 20 years later in 2015, before moving on to other areas of photography and video.

As well as this website restoring old photos, our sister website My Old Video has services to transfer your old family videos into a digital format. Get your videos transferred before the tape is damaged or degrades over time!