Digital Photo Recovery

Have you had that sinking feeling when you return from a trip of a lifetime and your photographs on your card are unreadable by your computer, then not recognised by the camera any more, or that time when you formatted the card in the camera only to realise that you have no other copy of the photos.

The first thing to do is NOTHING, we may be able to help with digital photo recovery. Avoid using that memory card and defiantly do not take any more photos on it as you will start to overwrite the photos you want to recover.

Contact us using the on-line enquiry form and provide as much details as possible regarding the card type and what has gone wrong. Our methods of recovery are non destructive and we use several different methods to recover your photos and video clips. We do not disassemble the cards, however we do have several different ways to read them and while your computer may not see the card we may be able to see it and start the recovery process. Often a few images will be damaged and we cannot read every card with a problem, however their is a chance we can retrieve your lost photos and video clips.

See the real world example below, the first image shows what was visible when the card was inserted into a windows PC, just a single file with a zero megabyte size. The second image shows the files retrieved from the card after we have performed digital photo recovery on it. As you can also see the third image shows one of the damaged photos that have been recovered, often a few images may be damaged like this and this is probably where the issue of the failed card started, if the card is really badly corrupted then many if not all images could have some form of damage, however this is rare and often only a few images or a single video clip are unusable.

Card shows one image with 0Mb in size
After recovery most images are now available
Digital Photo Recovery
Not All images recover correctly though
Some are corrupted, this possibly
caused the issue in the first place.

If these photos were lost through human error e.g. by deleting or formatting the card then once you have your card returned, format it and carry on using. However if the card just stopped working I would no longer trust it, depending upon the manufacturer you may have a guarantee to replace the card, if not I would suggest replacing it with a new one anyway.